Why Support Us

To Change Patients’ Lives

Imagine a place where children receive the world’s most advanced medical care in a bright and peaceful setting. A place where top clinicians and researchers collaborate to further every area of pediatric medicine. A place where children can play, create and hope. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is just such a place.

Thank you for supporting CHOP through the 2020 Holiday Boutique, the signature fundraising event for the Women’s Committee at CHOP. By attending, sponsoring or donating to this event, you are providing valuable resources that fuel continued advances in groundbreaking research, innovative treatments and compassionate care.

Whether it’s empowering parents with the skills necessary to manage their child’s home care or putting books in children’s hands during their annual well-visits, your support of CHOP gives the gift of hope to patients and families every day.

Advancing Care in New Ways

Funds raised by the Holiday Boutique are awarded to deserving programs through the Women’s Committee grant process. Below are a few projects supported by the Holiday Boutique.

Family Education and Support

When children require ongoing medical care at home, some care-related tasks may feel daunting to parents. The Family Learning Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is a place where families can learn the skills they need to care for their child at home. Part of the Connelly Resource Center, the Family Learning Center offers two classrooms and a learning lab where caregivers can master challenging home care tasks — such as tube feedings or injections — with the support of a nurse educator.

Early Reading for Long-term Success

Reach Out and Read at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) promotes early literacy skills for children in low-income communities. At each well-visit, children younger than 5 are given a brand-new book, and families are encouraged to read together. Reach Out and Read is available at Karabots Pediatric Care Center and many other primary care centers throughout the CHOP Care Network. Children served by the program enter kindergarten with larger vocabularies and stronger language skills — the building blocks of success.